​Who Am I?

​I'm Ted Juras, your Orlando videographer and the documentary filmmaking professor at Full Sail University. ​I've worked on projects for Miss World America, Food Network, Pilates Loft, and ​100s of wedding video couples.  Ever since I started Creative Cinema back in 2010, I've remained committed to offering the best quality video with a focus on providing my clients a fun experience.  

When you choose to work with me, you get ​a laid back yet hard working videographer.  Someone that is super easy to talk to and enjoys meeting new people.  My years of experience teaching ​college students to do what I do, has allowed me to perfect my process and pass that knowledge on to you.  

You will get an efficient, fast, and experienced videographer that loves to share my ​gift​ with others.  ​You are here because you need a video.  I'm here because I want to​ make your video.  

So, what do you say?