Beautiful Wedding Videos Made Easy

Thanks for checking out my website.  I'm Ted Juras.  I just wanted to write a quick introduction to what I do at Creative Cinema and ​what makes us different.  

​Creative Cinema is unlike other Orlando Wedding Videographers ​because we ​ONLY offer one camera wedding videos.  ​This means ​ you don't have to worry about a bunch of cameras everywhere... AND you still get a beautiful wedding video.  Perfect for intimate events.

Check out this example of my one camera wedding video:

​This entire wedding video was shot with just one camera and one videographer.  ​​My videos are not random out of order highlight videos, but short documentaries following the exact timeline of the day.  

​No confusing montages here.  Just a beautiful wedding video to help you relive your day exactly how it happen​s.   ​Sound good so far?  ​

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 ​Creative Cinema Bride

As a wedding planner myself, I had high expectations for all of my vendors and Ted surpassed all of them! He captured so many moments that we would have missed with the day going by so quickly. I have had so many rave reviews about our video and trailer! Ted provides superior service and is a worthwhile investment for any couple!”