Because the time machine hasn’t been invented yet.

Capture your wedding day in High Definition so you can re-live those personal moments and bring those fading memories back to life.  We would be honored to earn your trust while creating a priceless video keepsake for generations to enjoy.

Your memories may fade, but a video of your wedding will last forever.  Creative Cinema’s foundation is built around creativity, passion and trust.  

teddy shooting 2Started by me, Ted Juras, in early 2010, I am the founder of Creative Cinema.  I am university trained in the cinematic arts with over 15 years experience, as well as being an active filmmaking professor at Full Sail University.

My knowledge, experience, and patience allows me to excel in teaching, and those traits will become apparent when we meet.

I am 100% confident that my pricing, cinematic style, and calming personality will meet or exceed your expectations every step of the way.

As a married man on April 9th 2011, I understand your needs as a bride. With a topped out budget, and constantly improving technology, you are looking to save money but you also have high expectations for what your wedding video looks like.

DO YOU want to learn more?

Orlando Wedding Video Couple

“As a wedding planner myself, I had high expectations for all of my vendors and Creative Cinema surpassed all of them! They captured so many moments that we would have missed with the day going by so quickly. I have had so many rave reviews about our video and trailer!”
Nicole Sanchez, Bride/Wedding Planner



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